Achieve your ultimate dream – a home on the Upper East Side

If you’re a tourist, you probably long to visit New York City. Why wouldn’t you? This is arguably the center of the world for many – a place where the United Nations sits, made symbolic as a gathering place for the nations as they arrived in the country to achieve the American dream. Those that have become successful in the city often look to Manhattan and the Upper East Side as the ultimate places to live. This is an area that is the hallmark of wealth and privilege, and hence it’s truly the ultimate destination for aspirational couples. Needless to say, Upper East Side apartments for sale don’t come without a high price tag, so it’s largely the home of power couples, young professionals, and old money. Still, once you’ve invested in real estate in this part of the city, you’ll have reached the top of the pile so are unlikely ever to want to move away.

Living in Manhattan

There’s so much to recommend living here, beyond the fact that it’s the ultimate real estate destination. The crime rate is minimal, and this is probably because every apartment building is carefully monitored by a doorman, and there are endless staff members in the form of nannies and chauffeurs who patrol the streets, making the area a constant bustle of activity. In a city that never sleeps, Manhattan is particularly vibrant and it bristles with trendy eateries from vibey bars to up-market restaurants. This is also an area known for its superb schools, and it has the famous ‘museum mile’ where you could take a year to work your way through every gallery. When you have Central Park on your doorstep there is never the need to travel too far to jog amidst nature or to take a leisurely picnic.

Invest in Manhattan

Any part of the Upper East Side is excellent as an investment and the values just keep on rising. In days gone by it was hard to find property to purchase here as the elegant mansions belonging to prestigious families such as the Rockefellers took up large tracts of land. Nowadays, many of these mansions have made room for magnificent apartment blocks that have beautiful views that stretch across the New York skyline. These apartments are known for their luxurious finishes, and for the array of amenities that cater for your every possible need.

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