Digital Directories and Displays Increase Perceived Property Value

Digital directory displays are very important for your business such as building, office or mall but finding a perfect one can seem like a complex task. Digital directory displays can serve two major purposes:

1. Driving sales and advertising of the products and services

2. Sharing the most critical bulletins and notifications with your customers and employees.

These Digital Directories can be standard or touch-enabled. Standard ones are comparatively less expensive due to its less technical programming and designs. They feature property leasing or rental information, scrolling news and stock tickers enhanced corporate branding opportunities, image and video galleries. On the other hand, Touch-enabled digital directories offer more advanced features including opportunity to collect visitor input via on-screen keyboards and forms and interactive facility maps & wayfinding.

What can Digital Directory Displays do for your business?

  • List Available Properties and Leasing Options
  • Enhances Your Company Branding and Perception
  • Communicate Important Notifications to Employees
  • Display Your Products and Services to Customers
  • Promote Local and On-Facility Events
  • Collect Feedback from Customers in Your Lobby
  • Helps Visitors and Customers Find Their Destination
  • Easy On-the-Fly Updates via Smartphone or the Web
  • Generate Revenue with Digital Advertising Inventory
  • Display Local Weather, News, and Traffic

Finding the perfect digital directory for your business is the difficult process. Here we can guide you how to find? First, we will discuss Types of digital directory displays:

The three types are: There are different varieties of the digital building directories available in the market, but it depends upon your building that what kind of it suits your business best? Its size and view will be according to your building and area. Have a look on the three different types of digital building directories.

TV Displays- These Displays are common digital directories for the official uses. These are very cost effective to expand your digital directory to multiple floors. You can put more than one TV displays very easily and you will be able to show other digital signage content alongside your directory, including promotions, tenant updates and information, weather, and tons more.

Kiosk Displays- You can see these types of displays mostly in the malls in both outdoor and indoor area. Visibility is the main application of this display. Public is most likely to see the displays in the middle of the walkway as opposed to on a wall. It also features visibility at once with double sided area.

Floor Stand Displays- With the features of interactive touchscreen technology having touchscreen software, Floor stand displays consist of tilted screens with floor stand. One limitation is there is that it is lack in visibility. Only one viewer can view it at a time.

Also, custom digital directory can help you in editing, modifying and updating content with your own.

The important features on which price of the digital displays depends are detailed below:

  • Touch screens
  • Resolution
  • Size
  • Refresh rate
  • Portrait Board support
  • RS-232 Capability
  • Connectivity
  • warranty

It depends upon you, what configuration you want for the application of digital directories for your business. But it is advised to choose affordable one with finding the best rate from all the online and offline stores nearby you. If you want to speak to a professional custom digital directory expert, contact Tom Gullo at TJG Digital Signs.

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