Expanding Your Career in Real Estate

For a real estate professional, the decision to become a broker is the start of a new professional journey. Brokers are individuals that have decided to go beyond the general real estate agent level of experience and education. There are specific requirements to be aware of before you decide to begin this journey. First and foremost, candidates must meet the qualifications for honesty, integrity, truthfulness, reputation and competency. You must not have committed any form of crime during the last five years.

Get Your Experience

If you are interested in obtaining your Utah Real Estate Broker License, it is important that you have the correct amount of real estate experience. What does this mean in Utah? For those looking to become brokers in Utah, three years of real estate experienced is required. In addition to these years of experience, you must meet the point requirements. This means that you must have accumulated 60 points during the five years prior to your application.

Continue Your Education

Once you have the necessary experience to start the process of becoming a broker, it is time to sign up for a broker licensing course. The required course length is 120 hours and you must make sure you take approved classes from a certified Real Estate Pre-License School. Courses will consist of advanced real estate principles, advanced real estate practices and advanced Utah license law.

There are many options for courses and some will include helpful materials like quizzes, so you can quickly test your knowledge, and practice exams. Instructors may also be available to help guide you during the education process.

Pass the Exam and Submit Application

After obtaining the necessary experience and completing the education requirements, you are truly on your way to receiving your Utah Real Estate Broker License. The next step is to take and pass the Broker exam. This exam will cost money and should be taken within one year of the course completion date. You should make sure to take the exam at a state approved testing vendor.

Upon exam passage, you can then submit your application the state Division of Real Estate. This part of the process includes completing a signed application from the testing center, paperwork documenting you meet the education requirements, numerous signed documents, a fingerprint card and paying all necessary fees.

If you are ready to start a new and exciting journey in your real estate career, the Utah Real Estate Broker License may be the next step for you.

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