Should You Consider Upper East Side Apartments?

by | Jul 16, 2015 | Real Esate

Everyone wonders if the place they want to live or do live is right for them, but it can sometimes be difficult to know for sure. While it is typically considered a personal choice, many people find benefits when living in Upper East Side apartments, though it is completely up to them and their needs. Neighborhoods change, and it is important to understand those changes to make a right choice for the next few years.


The UES was the happening place in the 80s and 90s and was where those fresh out of college wanted to be. They’d go out to dinner and go to bars that were in those areas. However, not everyone could afford the UES and sometimes wound up on the West or lower sides, or in burgs far away from the UES. Those people had to travel to hang out with their friends, but things have changed.

Because of real estate options, young New Yorkers have decided to shift away from the UES and are heading to Brooklyn and other areas because those areas are now safer and easier to visit than before.


If you can afford the higher rents in Brooklyn and other areas, you may be able to live there, but many people cannot afford $2,000 a month for a studio apartment. Typically, those areas have very little inside, and may not even include stoves, ovens or cabinets.

Upper East Side apartments are usually better outfitted and can include full kitchens, bathrooms that are large and spacious and even bargains. While they can still be pricey, you will get more amenities and services available for your money, making it comparable to other options in other cities.


In many cases, the UES isn’t meant for the younger generation anymore, and you’ll probably find groups of mothers with strollers out on the streets. If you are a young married couple or have recently started a family, you may be happier on the UES than in other cities. However, the younger generation can still find great places to go and fun things to do if they are willing to look a little harder.

Why So Much Difference?

It all comes down to supply and demand. More and more people are flocking downtown and to Brooklyn, so they are in higher demand and have fewer options. Therefore, you may be paying a higher price to live in less-than-appropriate conditions for your needs. However, fewer and fewer young people want to live on the UES, so there is less demand, but more available options.

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