Why Would You Consider Renting Furnished Apartments in Manhattan?

by | Sep 3, 2014 | Real Esate

New York City is the perfect place to grow on so many different levels. You can find a well-paid job here, meet the love of your life and start your own family, consolidate your education and profit from the countless amazing entertainment options that this city has to offer. But out of all the areas ensuring accessible accommodation options, why on earth would you choose Manhattan? Isn’t this the place where ridiculously high rental fees put most tenants on the run? As a matter of fact, Manhattan (and uptown Manhattan in particular) can reward people who go beyond myths and stereotypes by giving them access to a different category of properties for rent, which are both incredibly attractive and decently priced. Still wondering what factors may influence your decision to start fresh in one of the many furnished apartments in Manhattan?

1. A Quiet Area. Did you really think that life in Manhattan is always agitated and exposed to countless stress factors? As a matter of fact, uptown Manhattan represents a real haven for individuals who crave for some peace and quiet. This area is less crowded and quieter than Lower or Midtown Manhattan, and it is considered one of the best places to rent furnished apartments.

2. Affordable Rent. Unless you have been hiding under a rock for many years, you must be fully aware of the fact that the best New York City rentals don’t come cheap. But this doesn’t mean that all apartments located in this grand city will automatically force you to go bankrupt. You just have to go online and check different listings to realize that small furnished apartments in Manhattan (especially those located in Yorkville) can be quite convenient. The Upper East Side is a great place to start looking for tiny, elegant studios and modern one-bedroom apartments.

3. There Are Lots of Things to Do Here. Most newcomers get mesmerized by the big city life and the endless list of local attractions that it involves as soon as they set foot in New York City. Manhattan has everything it takes to satisfy the needs of all categories of tenants: refined people with extravagant taste can plan a shopping spree and target the numerous designer shops located on Madison Avenue. Uptown Manhattan is literally filled with bookshops, coffee shops, pubs and restaurants matching different tastes and budgets. Last but definitely not least, upper Manhattan is the delightful corner of urban heaven where Old World architecture meets trendy art galleries and museums to offer a priceless history lesson to residents and tourists who wish to discover the city’s vast cultural heritage. But before you start to daydream about your life in New York City, don’t forget to start looking for furnished apartments Manhattan meeting your specific criteria.

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